Howdy, I'm Zen 👋️

System Security Administrator by day. Fox by night. Huge nerd 24/7.

Portrait of Zen the fox by artist: ScritchWorks

About Me

Hey, I'm Zen! Welcome to my corner of the internet. I'm 24, He/Him and Bisexual.

In my day job, I'm a sysadmin with a focus on security. I focus on patching systems and managing vulnerabilities, as well as day-to-day IT operations such as help-desk calls. Basically, anything tossed at our little IT team.

Online, I am a Fox who always loves getting their hands dirty tinkering with tech. From obscure to commodity, and vintage to modern. I'm a bit of a tech hoarder (I don't have a problem!) and a gamer when I have the time and energy. You can usually find me playing games with friends or something single player.

Outside of tech stuff, I enjoy photography, cooking and gardening. It's been a moment, but hiking and camping are something I love too.

I made this site to carve out my own little corner of the web. With the internet as centralized as ever, I was inspired by folks who are keeping the dream alive of the more open early web days. Days I was too young to remember, as I didn't truly find internet communities until my late teen/adult years, but an ideology I truly love.

Places you can find me

I occasionally write longer stuff on my blog.

Contact & Email

If you'd like to chat or get in contact, you can find me here:

Friends and Credits

If we're frens and you wanna be featured here, reach out and I'll add you! <3 Love you!

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DanniVixxen My love <3 ScritchWorks Wulfrayne OctoberPaws Green_Dragon_Iris fragilescales seapunk

DanniVixxen - My wonderful partner for being a huge encouragement for my silly projects!

Blitzy - Very talented artist who created the above portrait of my sona!

Scritch Works - Lovely artist who drew several art pieces for me. They also are the artist who helped me bring my foxxo to life! And they're a sweet and wonderful friend.

Ember - AKA my big sister, designed the Zen Now button at the bottom of the page. Massive dork :3

Fursona Lookup and fursona-schema - Cool little project for showing your fursona on your website!